Thursday, 2 June 2011

The story of a South African farming family spanning the years 1880~2000.

‘A Western in an African setting.’

“A James Herriot tale in an African dimension. I loved all the animal stories.”

“It’s intriguing. The saga of a dynasty.”

“What a lovely man Charles must be. His stories have me laughing one minute, crying the next until tears are rolling down my cheeks.”

“Gripping stuff. You find yourself living in the Boer War.”

“Charles and Nina’s romance, set against the sparking Indian Ocean, 1950’s dance floors and the sheer hard graft farming the African bush is the stuff that feature films are made of.”

      “…he’s gone back fifty years in his memory as easy as we go back a month… It’s a pity there’s none to write down the things he call home, for they’ll perish with him, and some of them well worth remembering.”
from The Whirlwind by Eden Philpotts

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